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The calendar tells us about the days, months and year.

A calendar shows 12 months (12 months in a year). Each month has generally 30 or 31 days.

February has 28 days in a normal year and 29 days in leap year.

Week: A week consists of 7 days starting with Sunday. The day repeats itself after 7 days.

E.g. If today is 8th Jan and the day is Monday then next Monday will be on :

8 + 7 days=15th January

A year has 365 days.

A Leap Year has 366 days. Every 4th yr is a leap year. To determine if the current year is a leap year or not divide it by 4. If it is completely divisible by 4 then it is leap year otherwise not.


Dates are generally represented in DD-MM-YY format.

E.g. 8th January 2018 can be written as 08-01-18.

Imp concept

The day after a year. If today is 8th Jan 2018 and the day is Monday what will be the day on 8th Jan 2019.

A year has 365 days. Total weeks in 365 days=365/7=52 weeks + 1 day. As day repeat itself after each week there will be Monday after 52 weeks. Thus day after 1 year should be 1 day ahead of Monday i.e. Tuesday.

For a leap year (366 days), the day should be 2 days ahead of the day considered.


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