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We are a team of IITians, NITians, Passionate Teachers and Technology Enthusiasts
with rich experience in the education field and olympiad exams preparation and coaching.

Our professional team puts at your disposal their knowledge, competences, creativity and experiences to make your endeavor in achieving excellence in olympiad exams a success.

Our innovative methodology of Learn-Assess-Improve will help you in mastering complex concepts.







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How are we different?

We believe that attempting mere questions from different sources will not help in building concepts.
Olympiad Genius is rated as one of the best sites for Olympiad Preparation. Our team includes teachers and coaches who have been guiding students in various competitive exams for several years now.
With the help of these teachers we devised the success mantra for all examinations : Learn-Assess-Improve.

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Our Offerings

Our package covers all the topics you need to master in a subject to succeed in Olympiad.

Olympiads Level 1 Achievers' Pack for each subject includes :

Topic-wise study material
Question bank for Level 1
7 Sample Papers for Level 1
Adaptive/Selective tests
Improvement Plans


Our Mathematics package is geared towards the preparation of renowned Olympiads like IMO, iOM and NSTSE. A subject like Mathematics requires lots of real-exam-mode practice. That's why we have provided a facility for downloading model tests.


Our Science Olympiad Study Material is geared towards the preparation of renowned Olympiads like NSO, iOS and NSTSE. A subject like science requires lots of visualization for understanding the concepts. Our material is rich with visuals. We provide detailed explanations for answers.


Our English package is geared towards preparation of reknowned Olympiads like IEO, UIEO and iOEL. English requires lots of practice and detailed study material. All this you can get at Olympiad Genius.


Reasoning is a must to clear first level of most olympiads. Questions asked are logical and analytical. Mastering reasoning requires lots of practice. We provide model tests based on exact pattern of questions asked in Olympiad covering entire syllabus. One aspiring to excel in olympiads should not take reasoning lightly.

Olympiads preparation material

Printable/Online tests

We feel that solving Math on a computer is no fun. We encourage you to download and print the sheet and start testing your skills. We provide Olympiad exam sample papers based on patterns of previous years.

Focussed level 1 content

We provide very focussed material designed by our team of experts which can help you to achieve top ranks in Olympiads.

And there are many more...

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Thousands of achievers and medals...
Our results speak for themselves...
More than 50% of our students were able to easily get through Olympiads first level.
Olympiad Genius - The best site for olympiads preparation.
Olympiad Genius - The most trusted name in the field of Olympiads preparation.

Achieving success in Olympiads Level 1 requires extra efforts and right preparation.
Get that extra edge to succeed in Olympiads Level 1.
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 How to prepare for Maths Olympiad Level 1? 

 How to prepare for Science Olympiad Level 1? 

 How to prepare for English Olympiad Level 1? 

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1. Choose Your Topics

Select the topics you want to study or simply start from the first topic.

Olympiads syllabus

2. Study The Topic

Study the topic with the material provided.

4. Let Us Take Care Of The Rest

We will generate adaptive tests and improvement plan based on your performance. The improvement plan will consist of study material and links to free online material for improving upon your weak areas.

3. Assess Your Progress

Assess your understanding by taking a test on the topics.

Olympiads test material

4. Let Us Take Care Of The Rest

We will generate adaptive tests and improvement plan based on your performance. Imporovement plan will consist of free online material for improving upon your weak areas.

Background of Olympiad Examinations

Olympiad examinations are the best tool to assess your understanding at the school level. These examinations inculcate a feeling of competitiveness among students and thus bring out best in them. Olympiad examinations are conducted by a number of independent organizations and are conducted at national/international level. Some of the prominent organizations conducting these examinations are Indian Talent Olympiads, Unified Council, SilverZone, Eduheal Foundation, ICAS/IAIS - Macmillan Education and ASSET-Educational Initiatives.

We offer the perfect material and guidance required to
bring out a champion in your child...

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