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Grade 2  |   English  |   Same Meaning, Words Mania, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO

Synonyms/ Same Meaning

Synonyms: Words having similar meanings.


DomesticLocal, Internal, Native
AmazeSurprised, Astonish, Bewilder, Stun, flabberghast
BraveCourageous, Valiant, Fearless
BraveryCourage, Valour
LoveAffection, Fondness
PraiseAdmiration, Adore, Glorify
FriendPal, Buddy, Companion, Ally
EnemyEnemy, Foe, Rival, Opponent
RoughUneven, irregular, bumpy
HappyCheerful, Joyful, Jovial, Merry, Jolly, delighted
AngryIrate, irritated, annoyed, displeased
VictorySuccess, triumph, win, conquest
ColdChilly, Freezing
FaithfulLoyal, staunch, resolute
RichWealthy, Affluent, Prosperous
OldElderly, aged, senior
BeastWild animal, creature, brute, monster
HilariousVery funny, Amusing
RidiculousLaughable, Absurd, Humourous
SeriousSerious, sensible, reasonable
HugeEnormous, vast, immense, colossal
TinyMinute, mini, insignificant
ScaredFrightened, afraid, fearful, panicky, worried
Innocentblameless, guiltless, clear
DifficultHard, strenuous, heavy, tough
BoringDull, tedious, monotonous
Painsuffering, agony, affliction
TrustBelief, faith, assurance
TiredExhausted, fatigued, worn out, weary, spent



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