Grade 5, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Collocations 

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Grade 5  |   English  |   Collocations, Homophones, Synonym/Antonym, Word Power, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO


A collocation is a combination of two or more words which go together and sound natural for a native speaker.
E.g. It is raining heavily. If we use "It is raining fast" or "It is raining big", the sentence will look inappropriate.

Types of collocations:

1) Noun + Noun: 

Voting right, stock option, bank draft, army unit, bar of soap, round of applause, rice pudding, cheese burger, apple pie, orange marmalade etc


Correct: Please give me a bar of soap.

Incorrect: Please give me a piece of soap.

2) Noun + Verb (Verb + Noun):

Undergoing training, commit suicide, make money, make friends, make a bed, do the dishes, do homework, do a favour, do hair, withdraw an offer, tell a lie, tell truth, keep a promise, keep in touch, keep secret, take shower, take advice, carry virus, have an appointment, give information, give party, crack a joke, burst into laughter, burst into tears, break the law, break the rule, take a break, make room, catch flu, save time etc.


I helped my mother in doing the dishes.

He cracked a joke and everyone burst into laughter.


3) Adjective + Noun:

Regular exercise, excruciating pain, heavy rain, maiden voyage, deep breath, deep feeling, deep thought, big mouth, fat pockets, chilly wind, chilly night, rich experience, rich history, heavy traffic, strong smell etc


I was advised to take regular exercise.

He got stuck in heavy traffic.


4) Adverb + Adjective: 

Fully aware, well aware, terribly sorry, utterly stupid, fast asleep, wide awake, bitterly, deeply upset, highly recommended, utterly beautiful, absolutely incredible, virtually impossible, utterly ridiculous, deeply ashamed, deeply committed, highly committed, highly unlikely, highly profitable, highly successful, ridiculously easy, deeply concerned etc.


I am well aware of the consequences of this medicine.

I was deeply upset when I lost the tennis match.


5) Verb + Adverb:

Placed gently, whispered softly, brutally murdered, heavily damaged, strictly limited, widely available, widely discussed, absolutely exhausted, very tired etc


He gently placed the bag of gold in front of us.

The garden was heavily damaged by the hailstorm.


6) Verb + Preposition:

Run out of money, burst into tears, filled with fear, come on time, care for, fight for, related to, jealous of, married to, satisfied with, independent of, believe in, ashamed of, deprive of, terrified of, devoted to, concerned about, guilty of etc.


Sam was found guilty of the crime.

The coach was not satisfied with Riya's preparations.

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