Grade 4, Maths Olympiad (CBSE) - Multiplication 

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If we have to add a group of things repeatedly we use multiplication. So multiplication is the repeated addition.


If a matchbox contains 50 sticks and I have 5 such matchboxes. How many sticks will I have in total including all matchboxes?

We have to add  a group of 50 sticks for 5 times :

50 sticks from box 1 + 50 sticks from box 2 + 50 sticks from box 3 + 50 sticks from box 4 + 50 sticks from box 5=50 + 50 + 50 + 50 + 50=250

We can also say 50 X 5=250

"X" is the symbol of multiplication. The number being repeatedly added (or being multiplied) is called multiplicand. The number with we are multiplying or the number of groups is called multiplier. The result we get after repeated addition of the group of specified size over a number of counts is called product. We can also say that the result we get after multiplying multiplicand and multiplier is called product.


Things to remember:

1. Any number multiplied by zero will give the answer zero.

E.g. 5 X 0=0.

2. Any number multiplied by 1 will give the same number as the product.

E.g. 7 X 1=7

3. The two numbers are multiplied in any order will result in the same product. This is known as the cumulative property of multiplication.

E.g. 3 X 4=12=4 X 3



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