Grade 2, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Good Habits and Safety Rules 

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Good habits and safety rules

To become a nice and healthy person and to remain safe we need to have some good habits and should follow some safety rules.

Good habits

  • We should brush our teeth daily. If we don't brush our teeth, our teeth will decay, bad breath will come out from our mouth and our teeth start aching.
  • We should take bath daily and keep our body clean.
  • We should comb our hair.
  • We should cut our nails regularly.
  • We should keep our home clean.
  • We should throw our waste in the dustbin.
  • We should stand in lines (queues) for bus and for other things.
  • We should not push each other in the line.
  • We should wash our hands before and after our meals and after using washrooms.
  • We should always respect our elders and we should wish them.
  • We should say thank you when someone gives us something or helps us.
  • We should say sorry if we have done something wrong.
  • We should say please when asking for something.
  • We should not litter our room and keep our toys and things in place.
  • We should eat healthy food.
  • We should not eat junk food.
  • We should not waste our food.
  • We should exercise daily.
  • We should not disturb animals.
  • We should help others.
  • We should not talk while we are eating.


Safety rules

  • We should follow traffic safety rules.
  • We should not run or play on roads.
  • We should never cross red lights.
  • We should cross traffic signal only when the light is green.
  • We should walk on footpath.
  • We should cross the road using the zebra crossing.
  • We should sit properly on moving the bus.
  • We should not try to get in or get off a running bus.
  • We should not talk to strangers.
  • In India, we should walk on our left sides on road.


First Aid

First Aid is the first medical help or treatment given to an injured or sick person before the full medical health arrives.




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Traffic rules
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