Grade 2, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Air 

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Grade 2  |   Science  |   Air, Air, Water and Rocks, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO


Air is an important part of our environment. Air is all around us. We cannot see air but can feel it. Air is necessary for our survival. We breathe oxygen which is part of Air. We breathe out carbon dioxide which again is a part of the air.

All animals, plants and human beings need air to breathe.

When air is moving fast we call it wind.

When air is moving gently and slowly we call it a breeze.

When air is moving very fast and strong it is called a gale.

Storm: Very fast moving air with rain or snow.

Hurricane: A very strong storm.

Storms can destroy farms, houses and trees.


Usages and characteristics of air/winds:

  • Air has weight, but cannot be seen. It can only be felt.
  • Wind is useful for sailing a boat in the water.
  • Wind is useful for running windmills.
  • Wind is useful for flying kites.
  • Air is used for breathing
  • Air is present everywhere, even in water and soil
  • Fish breathe air dissolved in water through gills
  • Plants breathe air present in soil through roots.
  • Air is needed for burning things.
  • Air fills vacant space.


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