Grade 2, Maths Olympiad (CBSE) - Number names and Number sense 

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Grade 2  |   Maths  |   Number names and Number sense, Numerals and Numbers, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO

Number names

  • Number name is the name of the number. e.g. 1 - One, 2- Two, 20 - Twenty, 250 - Two hundred fifty etc.
  • To name a number first we have to expand that number.

    E.g. To get the name of 435 we write the expanded form of 435.

    435=400 + 30 + 5=four hundered + thirty + five.
    So name of 435 is four hundred thirty five.


Places in a number have different names. E.g. if we want to name 64891

Ten ThousandThousandHundredTensUnit
 6 4 891
 Sixty thousand Four Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety One

So name of 64891 is Sixty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety One.

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